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The Transcription Company

University Research Interview Audio Transcription Services

University Research Interview Audio Transcription Services

University Interview Audio Transcription Services

Specialists in University research interview audio transcription services, established in 1999 as an audio transcription service provider. Our established and experienced team of transcribers  provide accurate transcripts of research interviews, focus groups, lectures & conferences and research on the internet any technical terms, brand names, scientific or medical terminology in order to return accurate transcripts.

We also understand the importance of confidentiality for research projects. We provide a Confidentiality Agreement or work with your own Confidentiality guidelines.  To ensure continuity throughout your project you will receive  support from your assigned project manager through to completion.

All recordings charged at a per recorded minute rate which is based on the number of participants in your recordings. This is a quick and easy way to calculate the total price of your project so you will know the exact amount you will be invoiced for prior to booking with us.

Our service is very simple to use.  After requesting a quote:-

• You will receive a quotation together with project booking form to complete from your assigned project manager.

•Upload your recordings using a secure link which you will use throughout your project

• Receipt of your recordings will be confirmed by your project manager.

• Your transcripts will be returned by email from your project manager.

For further details or a quotation on your project please click on the ‘Request Quote’ button at the top of the page or email us :

We work with your specific requirement to retain your ‘house-style’ or layout for NVivo etc. Our team of transcribers meticulously research all technical terms, scientific terms, medical terms, brand names or other terminology on the internet to ensure that you receive quality transcripts.

We regularly work on research studies for a number of different departments in the following universities

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Established in 1999 The Transcription Company UK is an award winning company set up to provide an online transcription service for universities and academic bodies.

Receiver of two prestigious business awards in 2002 for Innovation & Technology in Business and Software In Business.

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