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**Please note:   We can only accept files once you have completed and returned a Project Booking Form for your project**please request a booking form by emailing

(Files received without prior booking will automatically be deleted from our system)

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1.  Your email – You must ‘overtype’ with your own email address where it says ‘your email’ in the first box.  The only text shown in this box should be your email address.

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3.  File 1 – click the ‘browse’ button to locate the sound file on your own system.  You can upload a total of 5 separate sound files.  Once you have finished uploading click on the ‘SendThisFile’ button and then wait – a yellow upload bar will appear and gradually turn red as your files begin to send. **please do not surf away from this page until your files have been successfully uploaded** However you may collapse the webpage to continue working on your PC whilst uploading.

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