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The Transcription Company - UK Services

As a team of experienced UK based transcribers we offer the following audio transcription services:

One-to-One Interviews (2 participants)
3 person interviews
Focus Group/Round Table Discussions (only intelligent verbatim available for this format)
Presentations and Speeches (single person)
Lectures, Seminars, keynote speaker , Conferences, teleconference

Intelligent Verbatim Transcription:

For Intelligent Verbatim Transcription the erms, ums, hu-huh, you know, ers,  etc would be removed. However, if any of the participants make short interjections just to acknowledge what is being said etc, then these would be kept in the middle of the flow of conversation in brackets,  this just aids the flow of the conversation in the transcript rather than typing short interjections on a separate line.

For Intelligent Verbatim transcription grammar would be changed such as ‘slang’ words or dialect, for example  ‘innit’ to ‘isn’t it’ or ‘gonna’ to ‘going to’.

Verbatim Transcription:

For verbatim transcription the erms, ums, hu-huh, you know, ers will remain in the transcript along with any short interjections in brackets in the middle of the flow of conversation.

 Grammar is not corrected for verbatim transcription, this would be transcribed exactly as the participants are speaking.

For example, slang or dialect would remain ie. ‘innit’ ‘gonna’ etc or phrases such as ‘he’s’ would not be changed to ‘he is’ or ‘isn’t’ would not be changed to ‘is not’.

 All transcription is provided on word documents and can be formatted to your preference, or alternatively, if you have a preferred template you would like us to use we would be happy to do so.

All recordings are charged at a ‘per recorded minute’ rate which is based on the number of participants in your recordings. This is a quick and easy way to calculate the total price of your project so you will know the exact amount you will be invoiced for prior to making a booking with us.

The Transcription Company UK complies with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). All transcripts will be anonymised with time stamps (where applicable).

Please click the Quote Request button or email details of your requirements to:

We transcribe from the following popular formats: DSS, DS2, WAV, MP3, WMA, Teams, Zoom

Other sound file formats are also available, please email with details of the specific formats you require.

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Established in 1999 The Transcription Company UK is an award winning company set up to provide an online transcription service for universities and academic bodies.

Receiver of two prestigious business awards in 2002 for Innovation & Technology in Business and Software In Business.

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