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Conferences, tele-conference, webcast, seminar and meeting digital audio transcription service

If you have your conference, teleconference, seminar, webcast, lecture or business meeting recorded we can provide you with a first class conference audio transcription service and return a high quality transcript which records the proceedings of the conference or meeting – either ‘verbatim’ or ‘intelligent verbatim’ (omitting the ‘errs’ and ‘ums’ and the general housekeeping sections of the recording).

Having a transcript of your conference is useful for a number of reasons – maybe to send out to the delegates who attended, or even the delegates who were unable to make the event.  A copy of the transcript could also be uploaded to your website so visitors to your site can access it and possibly download. Many of our customers generate extra revenue by making a small charge to their delegates for conference transcripts.

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We meticulously research all technical terms, scientific terms, medical terms, brand names or other terminology on the internet to ensure that you receive a quality transcript of your conference. We return the transcripts in MS Word format.

We also transcribe question and answer sessions, breakout sessions, focus groups and round table discussions etc.

For conferences we transcribe from a number of digital file formats including WMA, MP3, DSS or WAV.

For more information or a quotation based on your particular requirements then please click on the ‘Request Quote’ button at the top of this page, or email us direct :

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Established in 1999 The Transcription Company UK is an award winning company set up to provide an online transcription service for universities and academic bodies.

Receiver of two prestigious business awards in 2002 for Innovation & Technology in Business and Software In Business.

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