SEO how to an intro in to blog writing for Mel Cowley

SEO How to

Think of a keyword(s) for this blog – don’t keep doing the same keyword as that will go against you.

Step 1 – call you page title something ‘containing’ the keyword. But not ‘just’ the keyword.

Step 2 – write a blog between 300-700 words – make a heading of the blog contain your keyword, select it and set it as ‘HEADING 1’

Step 3 – add a picture or two filling out the ALT TAG of the photo with the keyword of “the week”.

Step 4 – scroll down to the YOAST information and enter in your keyword as the focus keyword.

Step 5 – Add some additional keywords in the Meta Keyword field

Step 6 – Make sure your keyword SEO score is GREEN. If it isnt follow the traffic light system below the YOAST to do what it thinks you need to do to make the page better


here is an extra link